Five Star Real Estate is an independent real estate brokerage based in West Michigan, with corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids. Our agents are entrepreneurs and innovators, and we believe that success is deeply rooted in the relationship between homeowners and agents.

Our Story: Challenging the Status Quo and Asking What’s Possible

It all began with broker Greg Carlson, who founded Five Star Real Estate in 1996. Greg always appreciated the opportunity for creativity and freedom he enjoyed as an agent. He recognized his work as a way to make something his own, and to connect with people in a meaningful way. After a few years in the industry, he had become frustrated by the many ways that franchise brokers benefitted from established policies and procedures – at a significant cost to the agent. Motivated to be a catalyst for change in the industry, Greg began to envision “an independent brokerage that treated agents as though they were businesses.” He would set out to create a reality in which traditionally accepted brokerage fees were eliminated, and agents would keep more of the commission. As a result, agents would be empowered to direct those funds in order to ultimately benefit clients and create even more opportunity. Five Star Real Estate was built with this business model in mind and continues to thrive under the leadership of Greg Carlson as current owner.

Our Core Values: Transparency, Opportunity, Hope

We know this business is not about us. The key to our success is in the relationships our agents establish with homeowners, and that’s why Five Star puts agents first. Not bound by the confines of traditional real estate brokerages, our agents are able to create cutting edge marketing and offer unique ways to meet as many potential buyers as possible. Five Star agents are highly motivated entrepreneurs, running their own businesses with our support. They are encouraged to be groundbreakers and creative thinkers – which ultimately offers clients a dynamic and personal experience. If you ask us, it’s really quite simple. When agents are empowered and supported, they are best equipped to achieve success on behalf of their clients. This is exactly what Five Star Realty is about.

Our Growth: Five Star Real Estate on the Rise

Five Star Real Estate has experienced an incredible growth of 200% over the last four years. Our agents, on average, outproduce the majority of the industry, year after year. Over the past five years, Five Star has grown from 222 agents to over 480 agents, and there are now thirteen company offices serving Michigan communities. For eleven years running, we’ve been #1 in GRAR for sides closed, and for the past two years, we’ve been #1 for sides closed and volume closed in GRAR.* In Muskegon County, we’ve been #1 for sides closed YTD, two years running.** Five Star Real Estate is in the Top 96 National Real Estate Brokerages, according to Real Trends Magazine. We are on the rise, with no intention of slowing down. We are proud of the work we do and the relationships we continue to develop in Michigan. We expect this trend of success to continue as we support our agents and seek ways to best represent our clients.

*Per GRAR, 2018

**Per MICHRIC, 2018

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